Project Schedule 

Baseline Analysis


The project began by gathering all the necessary background data, defining the study area, identifying the key stakeholders, forming advisory committees, and initiating outreach. Three public meetings, a survey at the Southwest Washington Fair, three Technical Advisory Committee workshops, and three Steering Committee workshops were conducted over a nine-month period.

During this phase, the Stakeholder Committee established a partnership agreement that outlines the NLCIA vision and goals, partnership objectives, and most importantly, the commitment to an enduring partnership needed to fulfill study actions. 

Outreach during this phase emphasized identification of existing barriers to economic growth, and exploring potential solutions. All ideas were welcome and encouraged. The result of these efforts was a comprehensive list of over 100 strategies to improve the economic conditions in north Lewis County and south Thurston County.

A summary of the outreach efforts in Phase 1 can be found here

Alternatives Evaluation

The full list of ideas will be winnowed down to a priority package of strategies through an increasingly detailed evaluation of concepts. The first stage of this evaluation was a fatal flaw analysis on the full list of potential strategies. The Technical Advisory Committee determined that 26 concepts were fatally flawed and would not be considered further. Two new concepts were identified. In total, 57 effective alternatives were advanced to the next round of evaluation. A summary of the fatal flaw analysis can be found here.

Moving forward, the remaining alternatives will undergo more detailed analysis, eliminating ineffective or infeasible strategies to identify those with the greatest potential to support NLCIA objectives.

This page will include updated results as the evaluation process continues. 

Strategic Action Plan

The final work will focus on the resulting priority strategies to identify responsibilities, high-level costs, timeframe, and other implementation details needed for a Strategic Action Plan. The Steering Committee will take the lead in developing the Action Plan. 

For more information about progress made to date, please visit the Resources and Stakeholder Engagement pages.