2019 Work Plan

Partnership Implementation Agreement (2018)

On December 4, 2018 the second annual NLCIA Partnership Forum convened to take stock of 2018 activities and establish targets for 2019 implementation. Emphasis in 2019 is on:

  • Advancing the recommended collector-distributor concept to define project-specific details for analysis.

  • Diving deeper into understanding and reconciling road-rail conflicts at Blakeslee Junction.

  • Initiating an I-5 Corridor Access Management Plan through Centralia.

  • Conducting an Economic Impacts Analysis to quantify the economic benefit of improved highway access for industrial properties.

The pace of implementation is contingent on funding, and efforts to secure outside grants to support this work. The NLCIA Action Plan Summary and 2019 Targets offers a snapshot of progress to date and the focus for 2019 efforts.

NLCIA Partnership Meeting (2016)