Stakeholder Process

Lewis County has assembled two committees, a Steering Committee and a Technical Advisory Committee, which represent various stakeholders of the North Lewis County Industrial Access (NLCIA) project. Additional members of either committee may be added as necessary.

The Steering Committee is made up of decision-makers from the various partner agencies and organizations, both elected officials and senior staff. This group was charged with policy guidance and project oversight to ensure real solutions were developed – solutions that meet the project goals of economic growth through improved industrial development conditions. As a part of the engagement process, the Steering Committee developed a partnership agreement which clearly outlines the project goals and guiding principles of the process. Furthermore, it cements the team’s commitment to work together in implementing the findings of this study in years to come.

The Technical Advisory Committee is comprised of technical experts from the various partner agencies and organizations. This group is the technical workhorse of the process tasked with determining which of the potential solutions warrant further analysis and identifying those with the greatest potential for success. The TAC has used objective and technically sound evaluation methods to ensure solutions are feasible and the costs and benefits of each alternative are represented accurately.

Both committees convene at key points in the project timeline to provide insights, guidance, and the technical expertise required to make well-informed decisions necessary to the development of the Strategic Action Plan. Materials and summaries of meetings can be found on the following pages:

Steering Committee Meetings

Technical Advisory Committee Meetings