Project Approach 

The North Lewis County Industrial Access (NLCIA) study effort tapped local, regional, and state expertise to identify a suite of measures that will enhance Lewis County’s ability to attract and retain good quality industrial jobs. Community engagement was integral to the project approach and active participation from the public and members of the advisory committees informed the plan’s recommendations.

Details of strategy development, screening, and the evaluation process can be found in the Resources section under Project Documents. Stakeholder and community engagement will continue to shape recommendations and priorities as the Partnership works through implementation activities.

Recommendations in the NLCIA Strategic Framework and Action Plan range from modest to mighty in scope. The largest of these, a concept that would extend the existing collector-distributor system on I-5 northwards and include direct access between I-5 and Reynolds Avenue, will require further refinement to get project-specific details for engineering and operational analysis.

To ensure forward momentum over what will be a long execution time frame, the NLCIA Partnership convenes annually to take stock of progress in the current year and establish implementation targets for the ensuing year. Coordination and communication among the partners helps ensure that individual local actions work together to support mutually agreed-upon needs and priorities.