Community Engagement Approach 

Lewis County is taking a multi-pronged approach to ensure early and continuous community engagement for the NLCIA project. Outcomes of this project may have far-reaching implications for a variety of constituencies in both north Lewis County and south Thurston County. Active participation and frequent communication are critical to the success of this project.

A robust Public Outreach process has kept area residents and businesses informed of the study, solicited feedback and input, and communicated important findings and results. Lewis County has convened some community meetings and will look for other opportunities to engage with the public as the project progresses.

A targeted Stakeholder Process is providing insights, guidance, and technical expertise from a diverse array of stakeholders. To engage these constituents, Lewis County has convened two multi-disciplinary stakeholder committees; one serves as a Steering Committee and the other serves as a Technical Advisory Committee.

Feedback from the Public Outreach and the Stakeholder Process have been integrated to ensure comprehensive consideration of issues and opportunities addressed within this study.

People interested in this project are encouraged to submit comments or questions on the Contact Us page. People can also use the form to request project notifications.