NLCIA Overview 

Community leaders came together in late 2015 to reverse the loss of family-wage jobs and stagnant economic recovery by improving access to industrially zoned properties in north Lewis County. The resulting North Lewis County Industrial Access (NLCIA) partnership established a target of 1,000 new family-wage manufacturing jobs in Lewis County by 2030 with at least half of those occurring by 2020. In mide-2017, the NLCIA Partnership adopted a Strategic Framework and Action Plan that recommends a suite of measures to improve access between Interstate-5 and industrially-zoned properties in order to protect existing jobs and stimulate the growth of new jobs.

The goal is to increase family-wage jobs and economic vitality while improving the environment and overall quality of life in north Lewis and south Thurston Counties.

Roadmap to 2025

The NLCIA Partnership is now focused on implementation activities. This website provides historical context for the NLCIA Partnership effort and chronicles progress as the Partnership works to implement recommended actions.

Lewis County funded the initial study via a Distressed Counties grant in the amount of $500,000. A legislative earmark of $50 million is available beginning in 2025 for a highway project resulting from this work that improves industrial access.